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Macroeconomic TheoryUWS Unit Code: 200547.2


Student Contribution Band: 3

Level: 2

Credit Points: 10

Co ordinator
Mamta Chowdhury

Assumed Knowledge
HSC Mathematics

Equivalent Units
200051 - Macroeconomic Analysis

200549.2 The Australian Macroeconomy

Teaching Periods
Nothing on offer.

Macroeconomic Theory aims to provide alternative theoretical explanations of the working of the macroeconomy. The unit will be based on the analytical narratives of macroeconomic developments taught in Australian Macroeconomy. Starting from the basic IS-LM model, it derives the aggregate demand (AD) curve and examines the components of commodity and money markets. It also analyses the labour market and derives the aggregate supply (AS) curve of an economy. Using the AD-AS model, it examines the interdependent nature of macroeconomic problems (e.g. inflation, unemployment), and the effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policies within a closed economy context. The basic model is then extended to analyse open economy issues (e.g., exchange rates and balance of payments, external shocks and international interdependence). Whenever appropriate, alternative approaches to macroeconomics are evaluated.


1688.5Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCURRENT
1695.4Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCURRENT
1785.1Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCURRENT
2504.2Bachelor of EconomicsCONTINUING
2504.3Bachelor of EconomicsCONTINUING
2739.1Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.2Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.3Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.4Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2739.5Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.1Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.2Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.3Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
2753.4Bachelor of Business and CommerceCURRENT
3655.1Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
3659.1Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING


KP2504BF.1Banking and FinanceCONTINUING
KP2504EAP.1Economic Analysis and PolicyCONTINUING
KP2504ITF.1International Trade and FinanceCONTINUING
KP2504PURD.1Property and Urban and Regional DevelopmentCONTINUING
KP2739AE.1Applied EconomicsCONTINUING
KP2739E&F.1Economics and FinanceCONTINUING
KP2739IT&F.1International Trade and FinanceCONTINUING
KP3001.1Bachelor of Science (Biological Science)/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
KP3002.1Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
KP3003.1Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science)/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
KP3004.1Bachelor of Science (No Key Program)/Bachelor of Business and CommerceCONTINUING
KT2001.1Applied EconomicsCONTINUING
KT2004.1Economics and FinanceCONTINUING
KT2013.1International Trade and FinanceCONTINUING
MT2001.1Applied FinanceCONTINUING
MT2011.1Applied FinanceCURRENT

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